Manufacturing in Bangladesh

 Who We Are…

United Surgical is a California–based manufacturer and distributor of high–quality orthopedic soft goods. Our story began over thirty years ago when Bob and Sue Moir started United Surgical and began to manufacture and distribute orthopedic soft goods to medical professionals and their patients throughout the United States. Today, we source our raw materials, such as aluminum, plastics, fabric and steel, from China, and send to our plant in Bangladesh to fabricate, QA, and re–export to America. Much has changed over the years, except our deepest core values—especially the value we place on our customers and their satisfaction. We believe this is what makes us different: our passion to serve the customer.

By partnering with United Surgical, here's what you can expect:

  • An American based contract and account executive who speaks your language, understands your needs and visits your sites here and abroad to ensure your requirements are understood and met.

  • Complete confidentiality on intellectual property and an iron–clad noncompete agreement which can be enforced in American courts, since it will have been made between two American companies.

  • A completely transparent relationship on costs, including overhead, raw materials and profit.

  • The lowest labor rate in the world.

  • A Bonded Warehouse, which allows for the duty–free importation of raw materials from China or India or any other country in the world into BD for the express purpose of re–exporting the finished goods back out of BD duty–free.

  • Excellent quality production standards.

  • The benefit of BD's "favored trade" status, which allows BD–made products to be imported into many western countries duty–free or import tax–free.

United Surgical wholly owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with cutting edge production capabilities and a long–term, local team of laborers, supervisors and managers, all headed by Stephan, a Swiss–born mechanical engineer. He will oversee your project; hire and train the local leadership; ensure the security of the funding; and ensure that the product meets or exceeds your expectations. We provide our staff excellent working conditions and competitive wages in a safe production environment.


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