Manufacturing in Bangladesh


Welcome to Manufacturing in Bangladesh, a site created by United Surgical to help other American business owners successfully outsource the manufacturing of their products for their particular market. We've done it and want you to know that you can too.

If you are an American company in a manufacturing relationship with a questionable Chinese or Indian vendor, then you've come to the right place. You need to talk to us because we may be able to offer you a less costly, more efficient, better quality, trust–filled alternative to your current relationship.

With the plethora of resources you'll find on this site, we offer value first and only then suggest you consider a relationship with United Surgical. So with that, let's get going.

What's next?

Who we are: This is the story of the American entrepreneur who runs United Surgical and how Bangladesh became the site of his offshore production capacity. If you're concerned about protecting your intellectual property or improving the quality of your final product at a lower cost, then this is where you want to begin. Did you know that our current labor rate is $1.50? That's our daily rate, not hourly. Read more...

Why Bangladesh: Why not China or India? This is where we lay out some of the factors that led to our selection of Bangladesh as the location of our production plant. We offer some history and background on the country, especially as it relates to the importation, manufacturing, final assembly and shipping of products. Did you know that BD has some of the most Americanized laws relating to manufacturing?  Read more…

Dig Deeper: This section is really the mother lode of information about Bangladesh, including sections on country information, government contacts, pro-business groups, FAQs and our open–source information exchange blog. Remember to leave a bread crumb trail, as you could get lost in all this information. Read more…

 So what are you waiting for? DIG IN!

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